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Why we joined an MLM!

Meet Julia + Michele: We are 2 multi-passionate (some may call us serial) entrepreneurs who LOVE helping people!

We laugh and cry together and navigate life as a Soulopreneur Sister! 20 years ago Michele started her massage therapy private practice and Julia started her freelance graphic design business and in 2015 these soul-sisters met in life coach training school -- Michele was Julia’s practice client... and then she hired her.... and together they learned and grew a lot and a sincere friendship was formed.

Then they decided to be business partners! First in a Mastermindfor other multi-passionate entrepreneurs building businesses online and then the MONAT business. We discovered that building a business online is about as easy as.... PARENTING!

And while we LOVE our coaching clients and what we do... it is HARD WORK finding new clients, and if we do our job right our clients don’t need us forever! Which means we have to constantly be coaching clients + marketing to find new ones (or spending a crap-ton $$$ on facebook ads to generate leads for us).

But Shampoo.... Now, who doesn’t wash their hair? Everybody needs shampoo!!!

Especially online coaches doing facebook lives who don’t want to LOOK like they’re working in workout clothes and post-work out hair. Everybody that cares about their hair needs THIS SHAMPOO... conditioner, mousse, hairspray, masque... you get the picture... and once people find out these miracle never-have-a-bad-hair-day-again potions exist they are going to go GAGA over these products.

So we figured if people are going to buy them we want them buying them from US or our TEAM... #hellopassiveincome! A product people use DAILY... AND wash down the drain AND are in love with AND don’t want to stop using AND makes their hair look like a celebrity AND stops hair from aging!

So we realized selling a consumable product WE LOVE, is a no brainer -- and fun!

And we’re going to the TOP of the compensation plan and taking anyone who wants to go there, with us! We see this opportunity and we are GOING FOR IT! #NoExcuses #helloSED #cantstopwontstop #SheSellsShampoo

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