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MONAT just announced it's going to launch in UK - May 1, 2018!

🇬🇧 This week we welcomed our FIRST UK #SheSellsShampoo Society member 🇬🇧

It's happy dance 🕺o'clock for my long-time client + friend Nguwasen Mesubi who's shirt says it ALL! She's a former salon owner, certified make-up artist and now aspiring biz mentor for beauty industry bosses.

This opportunity was meant for her and I'm so happy to have you as my first international business partner! 🇺🇸+🇬🇧

Now we are family, yay 😘 #SheSellsShampoo #SheSellsShampooSociety#ByeByeBadHair

If you are in the UK, we'd love for you to take advantage of the RARE opportunity you have to be a FOUNDING EU member. And, we'd love to have you partner with Nguwasen! Anyone joining prior to May 1st (when the products open to the public) will have the opportunity to be a FOUNDING MARKET PARTER with global profit share!

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